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Medical Laboratory Collection at Home

Symbiosis gets medical laboratory to your home. This service is a boon for those who are homebound due to medical conditions as well as for those who wish to avoid the rush and delay at the testing centers.

Our qualified technicians will collect blood samples for varied tests ranging from simple culture tests to more complex cholesterol tests at home and provide accurate diagnosis within XX days.

Other collection services include laboratory tests such as pre-natal test, food allergy test, XXXX, XXXX.

Contact us on XXXXX and book an appointment for collection of samples from your home at your convenient time.

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Why us?

About Symbiosis Home Care

Symbiosis Home Healthcare was founded with the aim of being able to support the community with exceptional home healthcare services at the cozy and comfortable atmosphere of your home. Over the years, we have strived hard to rank ourselves as the leader in the home healthcare industry by providing diverse home healthcare services. Our services are custom made, designed in a way to meet each client’s personal needs.


What we do

Symbiosis home care nurses can work with a range of patients, which specific conditions, including those recovering from injury or illness, navigating chronic conditions, like heart failure, or dealing with progressive diseases like Geriatrics/Dementia. To ensure they perform to their highest level of skills, such nurses partake in ongoing education and proper training. Symbiosis is dedicated to providing you and your loving family with only the highest-quality home healthcare services available today.
Home Nursing Services

Other services

What Home Nursing Services we are offering?

Elderly Care

  • One of the biggest decisions a family might have to take is to decide how to provide care for the elderly be it, their parents or other relatives, especially when they are no longer able to live independently. Families try to resolve this emotionally charged issue in a number of ways. Some families find old homes as a mode of proper care for their elderly. While some consider ways to provide elders with sufficient assistance such that they are able to safely remain in their own homes.
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Symbiosis Home Care Nursing Services

PCR Test Dubai

  • We are now offering PCR Test at your doorstep. Professionals are ready to collect PCR samples from your Home & Hotel.
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Symbiosis Home Care Nursing Services

New Born Care

  • The phrase ‘Mother & baby care’ is defined as care of both the postpartum mother and her newborn offspring. Every mother and her baby deserves the best possible care before and after a newborn enters the world. Mother & baby care helps in decreasing the risks associated with pregnancy and increase the chances of a safe and healthy delivery. Regular antenatal visits can help your doctor to monitor your pregnancy and identify problems, if any, or the complications before they become serious.
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Symbiosis Home Care Nursing Services

Palliative Care

  • The main goal of palliative care in the home is to improve the quality of life for patients. At Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care, we believe that receiving care in the patient’s own home is comforting, convenient and reduces stress.
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Symbiosis Home Care Nursing Services

Post-Operative Care

  • Safe and efficient postoperative care is one of the cornerstones of successful management of many patients. The rapidly increasing number of surgeries, together with limited ICU bed availability, frequently leads to the delay of surgeries. After the surgery is done and you meet the discharge criteria, you will be freed to go home or be moved to a room. Hospitals usually require that the patient is transported home by a family member, as coordination and reactions may be weakened for 24 hours following anesthesia.
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Symbiosis Home Care Nursing Services
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